As the newest, most innovative gold investment platform on the market today, BitGold is quickly gaining in popularity.
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Is BitGold Safe?

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a man holding a gold bullion

When it comes to making an investment of any kind, the first question you should be asking is whether or not it is a safe investment. Unfortunately, in the past several years there have been altogether too many risky ventures that lost a great deal of money for anyone involved in them. From Ponzi schemes to uncertain futures and options, the general public bought into investments that, when all was said and done, should never have been allowed in the first place.

Because this left a sour taste in the mouths of consumers around the country, when a new gold investment platform like BitGold comes along they either question the validity of it or simply turn away without ever knowing what could have been. Is BitGold safe? Why not read an honest BitGold review ( to see what real, live investors are saying about it?

Spotting Risky Gold Investment Strategies

One thing you should know right from the start is that BitGold is a way to buy real gold bullion, not some risky future or option. The only thing you are wagering on is how much the price of gold will go up over time. Historically, gold continues to climb so in this respect, it is a safe investment. Many financial advisors believe that any portfolio should include gold, but not options or futures.

Gold is always seen as a safe haven and if you own any at all, you are mitigating the amount of risk you take on with other, riskier investments and funds. The key to understanding the risk involved with gold is in knowing whether or not you are buying actual gold or an option to buy at some later date. In a BitGold review (  you will learn that BitGold is real gold bullion that is 99.9995% pure. There is value in owning real gold so there is no risk there.

Can You Protect Your Investment?

Once you realise that gold is a safe haven and if you have found through at least one honest BitGold review that the gold being sold is authentically valued then the next question would be whether or not you can protect your investment. If you can’t, then logically speaking it isn’t safe. When you buy BitGold bullion it is stored in a Brinks vault, protected by Brinks and fully insured against loss or theft. There is no safer way to protect your investment so in terms of security, yes BitGold is safe.

How Easily Can You Liquefy Your Investment?

A safe investment must be one that you can liquefy as the need arises. You are investing in something that you hope will earn a return on your investment but deeper than that, can you return your investment? This means, can you turn around and sell it without a loss if an emergency situation should arise necessitating you to raise capital at the drop of a dime? BitGold comes with a prepaid GoldMoney MasterCard that you can use at a point-of-sale location, withdraw funds at an ATM and even pay bills with the amount you move to the card from the value of your gold. BitGold is the easiest and fastest way to return your investment should the need arise.

If you can be assured that you are buying real gold bullion and that it will be kept safe in a vault for you, fully insured and easily redeemed, then you can be assured that it is a safe investment. After careful consideration of all these important factors, you should now see that BitGold is safe. Still having doubts? If it takes seeing to believe, check out the <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> website and start small. With little invested you have little to lose and although any loss is too much, at least you can be assured BitGold is safe because you will never be asked to buy more than you can afford. That’s safety. That’s BitGold.

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How BitGold Works?

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How bitgold works

As one of the more innovative gold investments platforms, BitGold is quickly gaining popularity because of the many benefits that come along with being able to almost instantaneously draw upon the massive bargaining power of gold bullion. In fact, investors who are daily becoming members of <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> have written honest BitGold reviews (For more info that explain what it is they like about buying gold in this novel manner without spending inordinate amounts of money just getting in on the ground floor of gold investing.

What they will tell you is that BitGold works in a way so unlike other investment platforms that they wished they had found something like this in the past. If they had, they wouldn’t have procrastinated so long. So what does BitGold have that other gold investment strategies don’t have? First you need to understand how BitGold works.

BitGold Is So Much More than Just an Investment Platform

Yes, when you buy gold bullion from <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> you are buying into the amazingly safe haven of gold investment. However, that is where the similarity ends. BitGold doesn’t require any minimum purchases so that gold can be accessible to anyone, no matter how much or how little money they have to invest. So, while BitGold is an investment strategy it is also a savings account. You can accumulate gold in small increments over time while you build up your portfolio. Whether you have a few hundred dollars to invest or two hundred thousand dollars, you can become the proud owner of gold bullion in just a few moments.

Choosing Your Currency

BitGold suggests that you read through the site in order to gain a better understanding of just what BitGold is. Once you have a handle on how BitGold works you simply need to choose the denomination you wish to deal in which includes:

  • USD – United States Dollar
  • JPY – Japanese Yen
  • EUR – Euro
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar
  • GAU – Gold Gram
  • GBP – Great British Pound
  • INR – Indian Rupee
  • BRL – Brazilian Real
  • SGD – Singapore Dollar

And, that’s just to name a few of the major and/or better known and more stable global currencies. Then there are other currencies from the continents of Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. It’s always good to remember that not all countries on the continent of Europe entered into the European agreement and not all countries in the Americas are the United States, Canada or Brazil in South America. BitGold makes it easy to buy, sell or save gold bullion and that is perhaps one of the most commonly mentioned aspects of this platform in a BitGold review (Check out the one on Bitcoin Magazine:

How to Make a Purchase

The first thing you are asked to do is set up an online account with BitGold. Here you needn’t worry about any personal or sensitive financial information being ‘leaked’ or ‘hacked’ because BitGold only utilizes military grade encryption for their website and all transactions being made on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Once the account is set up, you can go on to choose how much gold you’d like to buy. You can make your purchase by using a credit or debit card, a wire transfer from your bank, through Canadian INTERAC or through China Union Pay.

Save, Sell or Send BitGold

Here what you do with your gold is determined by what you intend to do with it. Are you looking for an investment strategy where you hope to accumulate gold bullion so that as gold gains in value your investment grows or are you looking for a safe savings account? By keeping in mind that gold will always have value, even when currencies fail, you are now saving a global currency that will not fail.

Do you want to use the GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard to make local and online purchases drawn against gold you have redeemed and placed on the card within 1% of the going spot rate of gold on the market? You can even send gold to other members via a quick transfer process so there are so many ways you can call upon that gold of yours sitting in a fully insured and safe Brinks vault.

Storing Your Gold

This leads us to where you will be storing your gold. BitGold has contracted with Brinks to store your gold in one of their ultra-safe, state-of-the-art storage facilities located in one of five cities. Once you have purchased gold, BitGold immediately transfers ‘title’ of that amount to you, no matter which vault it will be stored at. All locations are secured by globally renowned Brinks and fully insured. The benefit here? You will never accrue the extra costs of storing and insuring your gold because that is part of the package offered by BitGold.

Using the GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard

When spending or paying bills against your gold, you can load your card in one of three currencies which include the USD, GBP or the Euro. With its MasterCard logo you can use the card in the same way you would use any other major credit card, the difference being that your card is backed by gold, not your national currency. Whether you want to go shopping at the mall or pay a bill online, you can use your card in the same way, subject to the amount of gold you have stored in your vault.

Innovation at Its Best

Investing in BitGold gold bullion offers so many more choices than you would have than if you purchased gold bullion from any other dealer in any other way. Because you can purchase a small amount at a time, choose how you want to store or save it and/or build your bullion over time, you have complete control of your gold even though it isn’t in your physical presence. When you read in a BitGold review ( that this is the way to invest in gold, you will know what they are talking about.

Never invest in anything that you can’t control and never invest in anything you can’t understand. With BitGold leaving control of your investment in your hands, you can make the ultimate choice as to how you wish to use your gold. That, in a nutshell, is what BitGold is all about and why it is quickly becoming the number one gold investment platform.

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BitGold Prepaid Cards vs. Other Prepaid Cards

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bitgold credit card

Those reading a BitGold review (such as this one may be wondering what the difference is between a BitGold prepaid card vs. other prepaid cards. Actually, they are quite similar in that funds need to be there before they can be spent, but really, that is just about where the similarity ends.  A GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard has benefits you just won’t find with other prepaid cards and that is what makes it so attractive to BitGold members (as mentioned in

Used Just as You Would a Bank, Credit or Debit Card

When you make your initial purchase of gold through BitGold, you are given one free prepaid card that can be reloaded from your BitGold account as needed. You can use the equity build in your gold savings account to load your card which can then be used at POS locations, online or even over the phone to make payments. Whether you choose to redeem gold from your vault or simply use your earnings that have accrued, you can simply load your card and use it as you would any other credit or debit card.

At a point-of-sales location you would either sign for your purchase or enter your pin as usual and when buying or paying anything online it would be the same as using your bank card. Typically, you will be asked for the card number, the expiration date, the cardholder’s name and on the back the three-digit security code. This is just like any other card so the process should be familiar.

How Funds Are Added to Your Card

Once you set up your BitGold account you can access settings on your prepaid card online from the main website. With a BitGold prepaid card you can draw on what you have in gold in your account and the main benefit of that is in the fact that your funds are there in gold, not in Federal Reserve currency. Actually, once merchants understand that this card is so much safer and more reliable than a bank card they will be asking you to pay with your BitGold prepaid money card! There are rumors that the bottom is about to fall out of the economy again so merchants and bill collectors will appreciate being paid literally in gold.

Currencies Currently Available

At the moment the only currencies you can load your card in are United States Dollars, Great British Pounds and Euros. However, as three of the world’s strongest currencies they are accepted just about anywhere no matter how remote the location. One thing you may want to keep in mind here is that many countries might charge a conversion fee for converting one of those three to the national currency in question.  For example, if you were buying something in Switzerland and using your prepaid card they would need to convert dollars to the franc and there’s usually a charge for doing that from most foreign banks.

It is suggested that if you are going to travel to a country where the currency is any other than those three, you convert the money at home at your local bank so that you will not incur a higher fee in a foreign country. Some merchants will accept USD even though their national currency is different. These are things you would need to check in advance, but it is the same with any other card so you are probably aware of the procedure.

No Administrative Fees or Interest on Purchases

Here is the real benefit you will learn about in a BitGold review of the prepaid money card. Unlike other types of prepaid cards you will never be charged interest on purchases or administrative fees for using the card. You will not need to pay a ‘load fee’ and, of course, the amount you can spend is not dependent upon your credit rating but rather how much in gold you have to spend. That is to say, how much you have redeemed and loaded onto your card. When it comes to choosing between a GoldMoney BitGold prepaid card and another prepaid card, BitGold’s prepaid card wins it hands down each and every time. There is no high rate of interest assessed when you use your card and your funds are seen as safer by merchants because they are backed by real gold vaulted with Brinks.

With no monthly fees to pay, no high rates of interest and the ability to use them anywhere the MasterCard, Cirrus or Maestro logos are accepted, this is your most affordable and reliable prepaid card option. BitGold makes buying, saving and spending gold accessible to the average investor and that’s why there is such an emphasis on the BitGold prepaid card. It’s one way of making life easier for their members – and that’s what you’ll find in an honest BitGold review of the prepaid money card from BitGold.

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Can Anyone Invest in Gold?

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invest in goldAnyone who is considering investing in gold, or any other investment platform for that matter, might want to know who can and who can’t invest. Although technically anyone of an age to operate a computer could probably invest in gold, there are most likely certain restrictions that could prohibit certain individual from investing. When reading an honest BitGold review you might be led to believe that anyone can invest in this platform, however, you may want to consider a few exclusions if you fall within those demographics.

Age of the Investor

While anyone can go online and invest in gold, some young people may not be eligible because of age. It could be that the broker selling the gold is unwilling to sell to minor children and it could be that local or national laws prohibit minors to invest in gold. In some countries any assets belong to parents of minor children and in others children of any age are pretty much allowed the freedom to do and own whatever they want. On a global level there are so many ways in which children are raised and laws governing those children that it would be wise to check with your local regulatory body prior to allowing a minor child to make any kind of investment whatsoever.

Investment Regulations in the Country in Which You Live

Then there are countries that disallow investing within the entire or portions of the population. Some extremist religions forbid women to invest in gold and so the national laws governing the population reflect this mindset. While children may also be forbidden to invest in gold, it would more likely be imposed on female children than male children. Even so, some countries forbid commerce between their people and specific nations so the population within their borders would be forbidden to deal with a seller of gold simply because of broken relations.

Availability of Funds

According to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and more than one honest BitGold review, anyone who has money to invest in a small amount of gold is welcome to invest. While BitGold itself may not impose any regulations as to whom may invest, it is wise to consider whether or not you have the funds to invest. Anybody can invest in a platform like BitGold simply because they make it easy to do so. There is no minimum investment required so anyone who has enough money to purchase gold bullion can do so.

A Matter of Ethics

In recent years many unscrupulous businesses have been set up to exploit those who are not capable of making decisions for themselves. The elderly and mentally challenged have often been targeted which is why legislation is continually undergoing changes to protect those who are incapacitated in some way. Whilst a company like BitGold is set up in such a way as to acquire information that wouldn’t be available if someone were incapable of answering questions, there are other firms out there that have no scruples when preying on those unable to make rational decisions.

Can anyone invest in gold on The only realistic answer then is yes, anyone can invest if they have the mental capacity to do so, are legally of age within the laws of their country of residence and have the funds available to purchase even a small amount of gold that can be bought on BitGold. In fact, BitGold was set up to make gold investments available to anyone who would otherwise be prohibited because of the cost involved. An honest BitGold review would be the most effective way of showing just how ethical BitGold is in its mission statement that ensures an open door to anyone who wants to invest even in small amounts of gold bullion. Anyone can invest in gold on BitGold.

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BitGold vs. Bitcoin

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bitgold vs bitcoinAs if finally being introduced to bitcoin wasn’t enough, along comes another entity called BitGold that many people mistakenly assume is the same as bitcoin. Actually, these are two totally separate entities and if you are an investor, understanding BitGold is imperative. So as not to get confused, following is a general rundown between the two and if you’d like further clarification, it might be worth your while to check out a BitGold review or two.

What Is Bitcoin?

Let’s start out with bitcoin because this is the ‘currency’ you have probably been hearing about for a couple years now. Bitcoin is nothing more than a mathematical algorithm that only exists in cyberspace. There is nothing backing these ‘coins’ except a mathematical formula in which there are only so many solutions that can ever be found. These answers can then be broken down into smaller bits (hence bit coin) to be used as smaller denominations of the bitcoin currency but again, they are only worth a perceived value. There is no tangible security backing the currency.

This is a very basic explanation but the key takeaway is that, for all intents and purposes, bitcoins don’t exist. They are simply a number upon which someone has assigned a value. Period. Only so many can be mined which supposedly increases the value once all those mathematical answers have been found in cyberspace and where they are hiding is anyone’s guess. Can you spend them anywhere and everywhere? Absolutely not! Unless a business is willing to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon, they have no ultimate value whatsoever. The concept of a digital currency is not new, but this is the first one to take effect thanks to the creator of bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto.

What Is BitGold?

The only thing BitGold has in common with bitcoins is the prefix ‘bit.’ BitGold is actual gold that can be purchased in small amounts. A person looking to invest in gold can purchase small amounts with no minimum purchased required. Common quantities are the 10gm gold cube and the 1kg gold bar. Whereas the gold cube is valued at slightly more than one-third the price of an ounce, a kg gold bar is equivalent to 2.2 pounds of gold. At roughly $1,250 per ounce under current market conditions, that is a sizeable investment but one that is not necessary to enter the BitGold market.

The concept of BitGold is to give anyone who wants to own gold an opportunity to begin buying small amounts. The creators of BitGold, Josh Crumb and Roy Sebag, envision a world in which the common person can find a way to purchase gold in affordable increments. A specific amount of gold has been purchased and is stored in Brinks vaults in five countries around the globe. When an investor becomes a BitGold member and buys a specific amount of gold, title of that gold is passed over to the investor but remains guarded and insured within the Brinks’ vault.

The Most Critical Difference between BitGold and Bitcoin

As was stated above, bitcoin is not a currency in the truest form but BitGold is. An honest BitGold review will indicate that the gold held in the vault for that investor can be ‘spent’ at any time. Any merchant or organisation that accepts Cirrus, Maestro or MasterCard logos will accept BitGold payment through the GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard that is issued upon the first transaction. While there may have been a time when merchants and businesses of all kinds didn’t accept credit or debit cards, those days are long in the past. It would be a good idea to learn more about bitcoin before reading an honest BitGold review so that the difference between the two is readily apparent.

When you purchase BitGold you are purchasing 99.95% pure gold bullion. When you mine a bitcoin you are simply the finder of a solution to a mathematical problem. Yes, that solution has been assigned a ‘monetary’ value, but it isn’t real. It isn’t tangible like gold is. What’s the difference between BitGold vs. bitcoin? One you can spend anywhere and has real value, the other is only a mathematical calculation and relatively few businesses and merchants will accept bitcoin as payment. Maybe digital currency will become more widely accepted in the future, but today gold is still considered a solid currency. That’s the difference. BitGold is real and bitcoin is only as real as you perceive it to be.

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How to Buy Gold Bars Online?

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How to Buy Gold Bars OnlineWhen it comes to making an investment in gold, there are a number of ways in which you can buy virtually any amount you would like to own. Many of today’s consumers spend so much time online and make most of their major purchases there, that it only stands to reason that they may be looking at how to buy gold bars online. Why not check out an honest BitGold review on this site or on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to see just how easy it is to buy as much or as little gold as you’d like. However, before buying gold bars, there are a few things you need to know.

The Size of the Gold Bar

Gold bars can be purchased in a number of different sizes. Oddly, you can find them sized as small as a single gram or they can be purchased in one ounce sizes or a kilo or even in a bar that weighs 400 ounces. The choice of size is yours, dependent of course on your budget. Also you will want to take your overall investment strategy into account before electing one size over the next.

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> suggests that you think about whether or not you intend to hold onto your gold or whether you intend to redeem it as needed. This type of investment strategy is more or less a secure savings account so you would want to keep the size small enough to be easily redeemable.

Hallmark Recognition

Next, before deciding how to buy gold bars online you would want to look at hallmark recognition. If you are going to buy a heavier weight, it is suggested that you buy gold bars from trusted mints. Brand hallmark recognition is important when selling large quantities because the brand recognition ensures your buyers that these are trusted gold bars that contain the purity level they are supposed to contain with few (or no!) impurities.

Liquidity of Gold Bars

Also, while the hallmark is important, so too is size management when it comes to liquidity. If you feel that you will need to liquefy a part of your gold portfolio from time to time, keep your gold bars small. That is to say, buy 1 gram to 10 gram bars so that you don’t need to liquefy your entire investment all at one time to take advantage of the equity in your gold.

Where Will Your Gold Bars Be Stored?

Another key point is in knowing where you will be storing your gold bars when you buy online. Are you going to have them shipped to your home or office? Will you be storing them through the company you buy the gold from? This is a critical factor because not all gold bought online will be stored as safely as it should be. You can trust a company like <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> because all gold bars purchased online will be stored in a Brinks vault, even though the amount you purchase will be immediately transferred to you upon completion of the transaction. Brinks is a well-known and respected name in security so you can rest assured that your investment will be fully insured and totally secure.

How to Pay for Gold You Are Buying Online

Next you need to know that the dealer you are buying gold from is legitimate. Only deal with trusted sources like <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> that take several forms of online payments. Look to buy gold bars with your debit or credit card. Does the seller take wire transfers? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> also takes INTERAC and China Union Pay so you have a number of payment options when buying gold online from a reputable company. Unless the gold is being sold by an authentic and verifiable dealer in gold bars, you shouldn’t send money of any kind.

It all boils down to how much gold you want to buy, your investment strategy and how you want to pay for your purchases. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> looks at how to buy gold bars online from the investor’s perspective and also offers more than one real, honest BitGold review that talks about just how easy the buying process is. Their savings strategy enables literally everyone to invest in gold because you can buy as much or as little as you wish to buy and can afford. Read a BitGold review to see just how easy it is to trust BitGold and buy online now and in the future.

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